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Set you goals, eat with a purpose!

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I have always been aware of what I eat. Every since I was 12 I have done a lot of my own research online about what to eat and when. Something that is pretty new to me is the idea of counting my intake. Since about a week ago I´ve started counting proteins, Carbs and fats. It takes time and and is sometimes frustrating, but it gives me a amazing overview on my macro nutrients and what I put into my body.I thought of myself; "I train so hard on becoming a better athlete, so why shouldn't I also take even more control over my results by maximizing my nutrients as well?". 

The first couple of days I wanted to test how I was eating before counting, so I ate the same without changing anything in my diet to get a estimate on what my intake has been like for the past months. The results was surprisingly close to the recommended daily intake I had on my app "My fitness pal". In this app I can set a specific goal regarding my marcos and the amount of calories I want to consume within a day to maximize the results of my training as well as my recovery to quicker reach the results I want. No matter if I want to gain weight or loss weight.

I currently weight in at 96,5 kg and I my set goal is to maintain my weight at this current point. My macros are set at 295 g of protein, 338 g of carbs and 94 g fett. With this I hope to maintain muscle by making sure that I am about 3 g of protein/ kilogram bodyweight. This should minimize the catabolic effect on my muscles.

Three tips regarding nutrition:

There is no secret! : Many people think that there is a hidden secret to gaining/losing weight, there is not... Like all other things in life you need Hard work, planning and consistency to reach your goals and the same comes to your diet and nutrition. count your intake and stick to the plan.

count your macros and calories: This is the most effective way to take control over you intake no matter if you want to gain weight or loss weight. there are no "quick fixes" or voodoo diets. If you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight and vice versa , It is that simple.

Learning by doing: By testing different percentages of proteins, fats, carbs you can find a balance that fits you and maximize your performance. The only way to really find out what works it by trying yourself.

Thank you for reading!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” ~Jim Rohn

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