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My program: Defranco training

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I get a bunch of questions about what training program I use and what purpose it has. I my other blog I mentioned about 2010 and my thoughts about what I did back then to be in the shape I was in beginning of college. The answer is Defranco training. At beginning of spring 2010 I was recommended by a friend to check out Joe Defranco´s gym and his training philosophy. I instance got stuck and decided that the most fitting program for me was the Defrancos 12 week Combine preparation program.

the goals of this program clear: It will prepare you for NFL combine, but it will also probably make me into a better athlete due to the fact that the combines are for just that purpose. If you did not know; in a NFL combine they test you in several explosive events including the following: max reps 225 Ibs bench press, Lateral jumps, broad jumps, 20 yard shuffle, 3-cone drills as well as 40-yard dash. I knew that I would be tested in this event when I got to College so for me this was perfect.

Me doing battleropes

Defranco is a pretty famous high performance specialist that have trained alot of athletes, especially NFL players and future NFL plays. The Linebackers Brian Cushing and Connor Barwin are among some of the products that Defranco has being a part of producing. But also many other athletes like Antonio Cromartie, Chris Hogan and Andre Johnson.

Box jumps with weightvest
Box jumps with weightvest

The program itself is based on a set of 3 gym days (Monday heavy upper body, Wednesdays lower body and Fridays high reps upper body) and 3 running/ drills days (Tuesday lineal runs, Thursday cone drills and Saturdays positioning drills). Every days is planned out and it has a interesting combination of old fashion lifting with a touch of rubber bands and chains. Personally I loved it and it is exactly that routine I am using now in my training to prepare myself for the National team games in the fall as well as in the earlier portion of the offseason.

thank you for reading!

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