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Body fat & body Composition: My results of dieting

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Yesterday something amazing happened. I decided to check my current body composition by doing another Tanita evaluation. This is a weight scale that also calculates your body fat (% and kilogram body fat), fat free mass (FFM), Body mass index (BMI) as well as identifying where on your body you muscle and fat are located. Worth mentioning is that I did my first Tanita Evaluation on June 2nd to have something to compare too.

Tanita Scale

I expected to have gone down from 15 % body fat to around 12 %, which was my goal at this stage. The results; my new fat percentage was at 9.7 %!! I was shocked. I have to admit that I did not have full control over the results due to the fact that I have not weighed my food until yesterday for the first time. But I have always throughout my diet had a good eye for amount and I know my body well enough to know how much I need to eat to reach a specific goal.

Filip Jönsson: comparison 2 June to 24 Aug

Not only did my body fat percentage go down way below my set goal I also want to point out an even better discovery. I have not lost any fat free mass under my diet, according to this calculation I even gained 0.1 kilograms of muscle within my diet. This could just be a miscalculation by the machine, but the message is clear; I managed to lose body fat and keep fat free mass while getting more explosive in broad jump, lateral jump, 10 yard dash and power cleans. Even though my total body weight decreased by 6 kilogram in almost 3 months.

96.4 kilogram body weight  24 August 2015 (9.6 % Bodyfat)

My 5 main tips on dieting:

Food prep your week: You probably won´t be in the kitchen everyday cooking if you want to hit the weights or be out for a sprint workout. Prep all your meals before the week starts and plan ahead what to eat and when.

Plan your meals: food prepping is one thing, eating at the right time is another. By planning what type of nutrition and when, you will maximize your results and energy levels throughout the day.

Be ready for change: you can´t control everything. don´t panic if something comes up and you don´t have time to eat or forgot a meal at home. Do yourself a favor and mentally prepare yourself for change and spontaneous obstacles. Have a backup plan, maybe a emergency meal at work or some protein bars in your back pocket?

Have fun dieting: Dieting doesn't have to be all boring and tasteless. spice it up with different variations, food sources, spices and ways of cooking.

When it´s time to work, we work: You could be tired, hungry, skipping a meal or be miscalculating your nutrients or whatever reason you have for nagging. shut up, fix it! If you can´t fix it, live with it, and keep grinding. No matter how hard you are planning ahead or how you feel; when its time to lift the weights, Just do it! You can evaluate your misfortune later.

My next project will be measuring my macro nutrients and daily intake by counting calories, fats, proteins and carbs on a daily basis. My new goal will be to maintain 10% body fat and keep my fat free mass, while also achieving my athletic goals of increasing my explosiveness and power. For more info about my athletic development and my diet follow my upcoming blog. Thank you for reading!

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.” ~William Shakespeare

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